My nicknames are Tay, T, Tater Tot, Tate, Dancin’ Machine (kidding!)

My faith in God is most important in my life.

I eloped in 2016 on a California beach and married the love of my life.

I love dogs more than most people. 

Bare feet are my favorite. Flip flops are my second favorite.

I love to bake. Well let's be honest, I love to eat what I bake!

I’m a West Coast Swing dancer. 

I LOVE to travel. Preferably to warm beaches.

I can’t whistle and the sound of whistling drives me mad. 

I love freckles. Lots of them.

I am a speedy talker. 

I’m addicted to ice cream. Cold Stone Creamery is my fav.

I chew on the inside of my mouth; horrible habit.

I love “me” time.. we have a fantastic time together. 

I love to crochet.

I hold onto people I trust.

I am not afraid to cry. 

I’m a grandma’s girl all the way. She holds my heart.

I'm a total sissy about trying new foods, especially when they’re green.

I will go to the movies alone, but avoid restaurants alone.

You will never catch me without my toenails painted.

I get compliments on my eyes when I wear green.

I am not good with goodbyes.


Photo credit: Valisa Henderson, Tiana Sheridan, Ben Knudson, Marissa Lopez